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Edie Okamoto

Edie Okamoto

Edie Okamoto is an international marketing and media professional with over 30 years of experience working with technology, consumer-oriented companies and media companies. Ms. Okamoto has held roles in business development, marketing, advertising and media relations experience, both in client and agency roles. She is fluent in four languages, including English, German, and has rudimentary skills in French and Spanish. Ms. Okamoto has hands-on experience in over 28 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Ms. Okamoto oversees strategic marketing and media planning, media buying, business development and customer services.

Edie Okamoto started her professional career in 1979 in the Advertising Agency World where she worked for WCC/Saatchi & Saatchi. There she learned the media trade on accounts such as Hewlett-Packard, GTE Lenkurt, GTE Sylvania, American Microsystems, Canadian Pacific Airlines and Port of Oakland. In late 1979 she was recruited by a Retail Agency where she worked on Holiday Inn, C&W Foods, Macy’s, JC Penney, and Gemco/Memco. Thereafter, she was promoted to Media Director with responsibility for planning and buying TV and Radio time.

In April 1980 she started as Media Director for DDB San Francisco where she gained recognition for formulating the international media launch strategy for Microsoft’s, MS-DOS, Programming Languages and their first applications software suite – Multiplan. During her time at DDB she worked on accounts including GTE Microcircuits, Volkswagen and St. Francis Hotel. The media billing under her guidance grew by 800% in less than two years. In late 1982 she worked at Lutat, Battey and on the Pre-IPO campaigns for Altos Computers, Seagate Technology and Wyse Technologies. Right from the start and due to her language skills and multi-cultural understanding, she often found herself responsible for taking companies’ image campaigns internationally.

In March of 1983 Edie founded her own consulting firm International Marketing and Media (IMM) to be able to pursue her career and spend time raising her children. While raising her children she chose to work part-time on a vast number of projects, which included over 50 multi-national company launches in the technology and consumer sectors. Together with Stephane Binaud, she launched the Advonet network that brought together PR, Market Research firms, and Ad Agencies in over 17 countries. Clients included AT&T International, HP, Digital Research, Hyundai, Alcatel and Logo Paris US Entries, Body Smart Systems, and over 200 other firms. She often was recruited by and served media companies such as IDG, where her ideas eventually resulted in the formation of Computer 2000. She wrote the concept of PC Week for Markt & Technik, who subsequently sold it to Ziff-Davis. She consulted with Hayden Publishing. For Sun Microsystems she was brought in to do a research study to see if vendors would be interested in advertising in a company run magazine. The interest she generated as a side benefit was large enough to launch both the German and French Sun Magazines without having to invest additional funds. She also helped launch five advertising agencies whose billing grew up to $86,000,000, always in less than two years. She has hands-on experience in nearly 30 countries and has experience in training and managing teams of up to 860 employees.

At RioVida Networks Edie Okamoto enjoys creating brand matching and sponsorship driven campaigns that include the PR power of the entertainment industry. She brings this expertise to B2B companies to create public conversation among key stakeholders in a given industry. More about her professional background you can find at www.riovidanetworks.com.  and  3 Chords www.meet3chords.com 

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