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UC Jazz Ensembles – Advanced Combos 

UC Jazz Ensembles in 2007

Advanced Combos

The Advanced Combo consist of the top players in UC Jazz Ensembles. Placement in these combos is restricted. The advanced combos perform jazz standards, challenging and contemporary material such as Dave Liebman and Chick Corea, and original compositions. Advanced musicians should have a thorough understanding of bebop and contemporary improvisation styles, and a familiarity with the musical languages of Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, etc. Students should know diatonic and non-diatonic jazz harmonic theory and have memorized several jazz standards. They should have technical fluency on their instrument and possess advanced jazz musicianship skills, including sight-reading, transposition, odd-meter playing, and pitch/chord recognition, although the combos will continue to work in all of these areas. Advanced combos frequently perform at highly visible venues on and off campus and perform biannually at our end of semester concerts with the UC Jazz Big Band.

Instructor: Ted Moore


  Shomik Chakravarty, guitar

  Matt Staley, guitar

  Kevin Wang, piano

  Noah Whitfield, bass

  Anand Badri, drums

Dan Zinn’s Advanced Combo

Instructor: Dan Zinn


  Trevor Orr, alto

  Robert Barner, guitar

  Chris Allen, piano

  Joe Constantini, bass

  Nick Duffy, drums

Frank Martin’s Advanced Combo

Instructor: Frank Martin


  Richard Conway, trumpet

  Alex Siegel, guitar

  Andrew Hutchinson, piano

  Seabrien Arata, drums

  Ali Warrick, drums

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