Dec. 3rd, Joyce Gordon Gallery holds special X-mas Family and Professional Portrait Event with Jim Dennis, Photographers for the Stars

Pete Escovedo Family Portrait by Jim Dennis
Pete Escovedo Family Portrait by Jim Dennis

Question: What does Pete Escovedo, the Dalai Lama, Joyce Gordon and you have in common?
Answer: A portrait by Jim Dennis.

Well, you will if you attend the Saturday, December 3rd Joyce Gordon Gallery opportunity to have your professional portrait taken by the internationally renown artist Jim Dennis. This summer, Jim Dennis celebrated his illustrious 50th anniversary of his photography career. Joyce Gordon asked him then to offer portraits to her loyal art fans at a stark discount. There was so much demand for this special treat that Joyce Gordon and Jim Dennis decided to select Saturday, December 3rd to offer this special Holiday Treat to you, again.

Go have your portrait taken by Jim Dennis and enjoy the current Joyce Gordon Gallery show.

Right now the Joyce Gordon Gallery presents “The Art of Aziz Diagne” a collection of Theissoise paintings and multimedia works by Senegal born artist, Aziz Diagne.


Theissoise, reversed painting on glass, is a process that involves applying color to the glass in the exact reverse process involved when painting on any other surface. The process is a detailed and a painstaking method as each color is applied separately. Brushes and various other tools are used to give continuity, contrast and texture to the finished work. Rich in symbolism, the artist’s work captures the spirit and ambiance of the universal experience. Aziz Diagne is a multi-media artist from Senegal, West Africa. He grew up in the city of Thies, amid the traditional art forms of his homeland. These art forms include rock carving, ceramic and wood sculpture, murals, tapestry, and Thiesoise (reverse painting on glass). Aziz, a self-taught painter, through his unique and dynamic talents, quickly established himself as one of the premiere contemporary glass painters. Before coming to the United States, Aziz studied in Dakar and Thies, Senegal. He then pursued art for several years in neighboring countries Mauritania and Morocco. Aziz traveled extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and South America, absorbing the art and cultures of diverse environments. These experiences have greatly enhanced the artist’s seemingly limitless repertoire and creative energy.

About the Gallery

Joyce Gordon has long been hailed as the heart of Oakland’s vibrant arts community. Ms. Gordon is all about making art accessible to everyone, from the New York collector flying in for a $25,000 piece to the curious teenager peeking in the front door.  Some of those artists participated in Gordon’s inaugural exhibition in 2003, a star-studded event with actor Robert Redford, a longtime friend of Gordon’s, kicking off the festivities. Since then, the gallery has been the scene of international photo competitions and exhibits by emerging local artists, book signings, poetry readings, music and film events. There’s been a tribute to Michelle Obama, giant trampoline sculptures that took up the whole gallery floor and a look back at the Occupy movement. Join us in celebrating art, portraits, and kick in the holiday season in style.  Create a long term memory you and your loved ones will cherish for many years to come.

Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 Fourteenth St. Downtown Oakland, CA 94612 

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