Epictetus, still the best 2000 year old wisdoms to live by

Epictetus - Stoic Philosophies to live by
Epictetus – Stoic Philosophies to live by

Epictetus was one of the most revered Stoic Philosophers.  He lived 55AD and was born a slave.  It is said that his owner/master liked him very much and enjoyed his intelligence.  He allowed him to be educated alongside his own children and eventually set him free.  Epictetus started his own school in a part of Greece that today belongs to Turkey.  Even though he is known as one of the top Stoic Philosophers, he actually was exclusively interested in ethics. The most renowned books, Discourses and the Handbook concentrate almost exclusively on ethics. His philosophy is as true today as it was then.  Happiness can be increased if we expect less and look at reality for what it is.  Then we can frame it in a way that is neutral, rather than taking everything so personally.  For the most part life’s situations are rather happenstance instead of created and directed to disturb us. Dealing with it in a calm and joyful way, that is our choice.

Sharon Lebell wrote a contemporary version of his teachings in “The Art of Living.”   Check our her book.  If your keenly interested in Philosophy you may enjoy learning about him here.    Here is a quick taste of his teaching.  Enjoy.

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