Theodore Roosevelt used his popularity to protect 230 million acres of public land

President Theodore Roosevelt, one of the most conservative Republilcan Presidents created the U.S. Forest Service and established 150 national forests, 5 national parks, 18 national monuments, 4 national game preserves and 51 national bird reserves.

Russian sponsored Trump instead is selling off the land, licenses it to polluters and seems to intent to ruin the parks. Conservation does not seem part of his vocabulary.

Instead of maintaining the parks and allowing the public to enjoy the beauty of this country, he uses park fees as his personal lunch money. He cut the budget set aside for much needed repairs of bathrooms, trail maintenance, and traditionally used for running campgrounds. And on top of that he uses the funds to hold fancy parties to which only donors and cow-towing Republicans are invited. For instance his “Dictator Phantasy” themed Fourth of July extravaganza was paid for by trail maintenance money from across the lands. Outside online states: ” The $2.5 million price tag of the July 4th celebration is compounded by the loss of an estimated $6 million in National Park entry fees during the government shutdown earlier this year.” They explain that the July 4th budget diversion could have funded the training of hundreds of rangers and much much more.

Roosevelt cherished this country

It is also vandalism wantonly to destroy or to permit the destruction of what is beautiful in nature, whether it be a cliff, a forest, or a species of mammal or bird. Here in the United States we turn our rivers and streams into sewers and dumping-grounds, we pollute the air, we destroy forests, and exterminate fishes, birds and mammals — not to speak of vulgarizing charming landscapes with hideous advertisements. But at last it looks as if our people were awakening.

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