Roger uses his keen journalistic observations’ capabilities to bring life to his naturally lit photographs.

Modeling Agencies and News Agencies reach out to Stillmann Photography for quality photographs.
Modeling Agencies and News Agencies reach out to Stillmann Photography for quality photographs.

Stillman’s interest in photography dates back to his early childhood.  At age 10 he recalls helping his granddad, Edgar Rogers, process film and produce black and white enlargements in an improvised home darkroom in back of a ranch house on Central Ridge above Peck, Id. on land that had been homesteaded by his great great grandfather.

After graduating from Lewiston High School, he moved to Tacoma, WA where he attained his BS Degree in communications and broadcast journalism from Pacific Lutheran University.  Most of his early images were taken in Hawaii while on assignments for radio and television stations.  During his US Navy tour of duty in DaNang, Vietnam, he was seldom without his camera. He also anchored three nightly television broadcasts and traveled to Saigon for temporary network assignments.  Upon completion of his military obligation he returned to Oahu, HI, where he continued to enhance his photography skills.

Stillman later traveled extensively throughout the mainland in a career change into management and marketing of regional shopping centers for major developers.  He has working knowledge of locations in every mainland state and Hawaii which has helped him in scouting appropriate locations for photo shoots.

Stillman has an affinity for black and white images and still keeps an extra camera loaded with black and white film because, “some images were just meant to be captured on black and white film.  Even in our digital age there is still drama in black and white film that just can’t be replicated.”

Using outdoor lighting Roger Stillman captures moments of introspection

Stillman’s studio is virtual and all his work is outdoors utilizing natural light.  He has recently expanded into Wedding Photography. Photoshop is seldom used to matriculate any of his images.

He is a model agency approved photographer.

Roger’s online site showcases both his artistic and commercial images.