UC Jazz Voices

UC Jazz Voices

UC Jazz Voices

At the UC Jazz Voices Ensemble students learn about their relationship to the beat, their phrasing, and their individual sounds. Each one unique, each signature strives to change the rhythm or melody, tempo or mood, to allow their sounds to leave indelible marks. Their voices speak to us. They learn to share different sets practicing their unique abilities as composers, improvisers and arrangers.

The emphasis of the Vocal Ensemble is on learning the standard vocal jazz repertoire. Vocalists sing individually, accompanied by a trio of piano, bass and drums. Vocal improvisation is also covered.

Instructor: Maye Cavallaro 

Meets: Wednesdays 12:00-2:00pm


Rosette Diaz
Paige Weber
Sarah Scher
Grace Simon
Paget Kagy
Angela Li

Trevor Wong, piano
Rosezetta Upshaw, bass

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