Kerry Gordy’s Producer Midi Jones signs with multi-year contract with SyncStories

Kerry Gordy with Reggie Benjamin
Kerry Gordy with Reggie Benjamin 

LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — As a producer, engineer and musician, 23 year old, Midi Jones began making music at 12 and professionally at 18 years old under Motown Records legend Berry Gordy and his son, esteemed record exec Kerry Gordy. Growing up with notable industry family figures that included Norman Whitfield, (a Motown legend with hits including Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through the Grapevine” and The Temptations “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”), it’s no surprise that Midi developed an ear for a classic sound that would transform his evolving pop electronic style throughout his career.

SyncStories A&R & Operations Manager, Shannon Nicole Roc states, “I heard about a producer named Midi Jones and when I listened to his records, I knew I found a hidden gem.  The level of his production and the intensity of his sound was enough for me to know that SyncStories had to work with him.  I shared his music with our founder, Eric Vasquez, and SyncStories signed him immediately.”


As an in-demand emerging producer, Midi’s quickly becoming a “go-to” for major label artists. Recent releases include Jadagrace (Capitol Records), slated Smokey Robinson release (Motown Universal) and Avalon Young (American Idol Season XV top 8) featuring Xavier Omår which charted #2 on the iTunes R&B album charts and twice featured in Billboard. Midi is also a regular collaborator with songwriter, Sam Hook (The Game, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas) and worked on records for Kurupt, Brillz, Kyan, Esta (Soulection) and Ronnie DeVoe (New Edition, Bel Biv DeVoe).

In early 2017, SyncStories signed Midi to a multi-year publishing deal. The relationship began naturally through company A&R efforts in late 2016. With momentum and excitement beyond the horizon, 2017 is as bright as ever for this budding wonder kid.

About SyncStories:
SyncStories is a hybrid music group servicing TV, Film, Interactive Media and Commercial Recording Artists. The company’s activities include Music Publishing, Artist Management, A&R, Music Production, and Global TV & Film licensing operations as a commercial artist division of 5 Alarm Music – N. America.

Leigh Jones Debut CD “Music In My Soul”

Leigh Jones "Music in our Soul"
Leigh Jones “Music in our Soul”

We recommend you listen to this new album and go to Leigh Jones’ performance when she comes to town. She reminds us why the UC Jazz Ensembles must have vocals lessons again. The world needs female vocalists like Leigh Jones that have intelligence and poise. 

“Music in my Soul” debuted with 13 tracks. What’s interesting about Jones is that she doesn’t seem to fall into the studio pre-fab, female pop singers, who sometimes don’t have the musical chops to back it up. Her CD is worth taking a listen to. If you give her a chance, you may be hooked in enough to listen to the entire CD, like I was. It definitely has a mellow, jazzy feel to it. Some standout tracks: “Music,” “Free Fall” “All This Love,” “Have it Your Way,” “Sick of Fools” and “I’m Leavin’ You.” Copy Editor Felicia, 

Only once in an era does a young performer come along who is so dazzling, so captivating and so undeniable in their talent that they gather the gale force of the most respected icons in the business beneath their wings. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Leigh Jones is that amazing once in a lifetime artist. Jazz HQ 

With wide ranging musical influences from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Marvin Gaye, to D’Angelo, Jill Scott and Joss Stone, Leigh Jones has managed to carve out a niche in the extremely competitive world of the music business.  Her debut album on Peak Records entitled “Music In My Soul” is a definitive statement from this dynamic, new artist. Very personal in nature, this album features the unique song styling that is sultry, sexy and insightful. Her rich, soulful style mixed with jazz and R & B influences create a distinct retro sound throughout the album. Kerry Gordy, KGE Entertainment, manages her career and produced her album with assistance of Lorenzo Pryor, Bruce Fisher, and input from his father Berry Gordy. 

David Nathan of Soul Music asked Leigh Jones: “How did you originally meet Kerry Gordy?” Leigh Jones answered: When I was at a performing arts school in Los Angeles, I worked with a producer, Lorenzo Pryor. We recorded a few things as a way for me to get my foot in the door but I shook my head because the kind of things we were doing were a little ‘punk’-y and not really where my heart was musically. I worked with some other producers who were looking more for a Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera kind of singer and I was not going to be slithering around onstage! 

Lorenzo told me he had a good friend, Kerry(Gordy), who was looking for a project and after we met, he told me, ‘100 girls came in before you.’ The next day, we were recording! “Sick Of Fools” was one of the first three songs we ever did together.

Everything started from there. Since last September the CD shot up the charts to rave reviews, deservedly so. The CD features songs that are heartfelt, have intelligent and timely lyrics, with a sound that gives you the feeling instantly that you are listening to a classic hit album. Kerry Gordy and Leigh Jones successfully bring intelligence back into their new music while keeping this jazzy CD young and fresh. Watch her “Free Fall” video on U-tube MORE

“A star is born! Finally, a fresh voice, a musical talent not seen for at least a generation. I am stunned. Ms. Jones has the voice, the musical training and the expressive feeling to interpret the songs well chosen for this album.”
-Raymondo, A reviewer,

“blue-eyed soul.” Once a label applied to white musicians who sang with an R&B influence, it’s been tossed around so often that any non-black performer, is labeled as such. Fortunately for true soul fans, Leigh Jones overcomes this cliché with her exquisitely enjoyable debut, Music in My Soul.
-Melody Charles, Soul Tracks

“Leigh Jones wins!!! “Favorite Female Breakout Artist of the Year Award” by the “American Society of Young Musicians” in Las Vegas along with Justin Timberlake and Wayne Newton.”
-ASYM, 16Th Annual ASYM Awards

“Throughout my career I have been blessed to discover many great musical talents. I feel Leigh Jones is destined to be one of the next great stars. She can do it all – Pop, R&B, Jazz and Blues. She’s awesome!” -Berry Gordy
-Berry Gordy, Music in My Soul

Talking Smooth Jazz welcomes, singer/songwriter and new Peak Records recording artist Leigh Jones. Destined to be herald as possibly the most naturally soulful white female R&B singer since Teena Marie.”
-Robin Loves Music, A reviewer, Talking Smooth Jazz 

THIS LADY IS QUITE SIMPLY THIS LADY IS QUITE SIMPLY STUNNING. Everyone should buy 2 cds cause you are definitely gonna wear out the first one. GO BUY THE CD Lets have a crossover hit. “
-Dave the Rave, Soul Tracks MORE