Karen Blixt and Frank Martin’s second record will be performed at Yoshi’s April 15th, 2008

Karen Blixt -Mad Hope
Frank Martin on piano with Karen Blixt

Karen Blixt and her “Mad Hope” ~ Frank’s second record he produced for Karen Blixt. Yoshi’s on the 15th April in Oakland. The show will be open to the public. On trumpet will be Randy Brecker from the Brecker Brothers. Frank Martin on piano and keyboard. We also will have well known pianist Patrice Rushen. On guitar will be Jose Neto of the Steve Winwood band. On percussion will be Alex Acuna from the Weather Report band. Bassist Abraham Laboriel, who is the most recorded bass player in history and former Yellowjacket member William Kennedy as the drummer will round out the rhythm section. Vocalist Kenny Washington will make a guest appearance as well. On the CD he recorded one song as a duet with Karen.