Culture Dance Essays

Dance expresses culture in a non-verbal way. 2018 around the world.

Dance in Spain 2018

15 year old Puerto Rican dancer, Victoria Caban – USA 2018

English Country Dance – USA 2012

Culture Dance

Dance 2018 in Germany

Bavarian Dance – Germany 2018

Dancing in Berlin – Germany 2018


Dance the Mussolini- Germany 2018


Culture Dance

Dance is an amazing expression of current culture. US Dance Then and Now.

Jive Dancing originated in the 1930s USA

2018 The Paul Mitchell robotic dance

Dance is a reflection of culture.  In the 1930s American were wild and free, the brought this dance to the Europe at the end of World War II.

In 2018 dance moves have a lot of corners, stiffness and are very prescribed.  Here is a dance lesson of the contra dance that will come up in Pasadena this month.

We seem to be moving forward and back ward in time,  both.   Interesting.