Patrick Henry said: “United we Stand, divided we fall.”

Throughout history there have always been ill mannered, dishonest men and women.  It is up to us if we let them tear us apart, or whether we use them as an inspiration to improve the fabric of our society.

For the past 40 years, we have allowed our wages to dwindle, our integrity as people and as states, and a country to dwindle.  We have stood by as investors have sucked ever more money out of the economy, and as the entertainment industry allowed philanderers, sexual predators and adulterers become pop idols.  We have allowed men and women into politics who abused their power for personal gain, and who have used blackmail to gain ever more power.

We all agree that this is not a wonderful situation.  Young women are raped at colleges, young men are raped in the army, unarmed people are shot in the streets and in parks, and management no longer is urged to build strong companies but instead they are representing themselves and the investors, who view themselves more and more as the “ruling class.”   Workers’ rights have diminished through lack of organization, and because many Union leaders are not reasonable and often corrupt.

We can be overwhelmed and start the “blaming” game, or we can pull together and hold ideals that we cherish up high for all to see.  We can stand together to give “the people” a voice once more.  This is not a matter of right wing or left wing.  This is not a matter of North or South, coastal states or inland states.

This is a matter of getting a back bone and uniting to stand up for what we know is right.  It is time that we stop the excesses of all the people who take advantage of those weaker than themselves.  It is time to unite to keep freedom of the press alive and to stop all people who think that dishonesty in whatever shape or form it takes, from holding positions in public office. Let’s evaluate one person at a time.  We know that when we are called to turn a blind eye to people who support those who have no regard for truth, justice and honor we are complicit.  This has nothing to do with politics. It is a matter of personal responsibility and decency.  If we don’t stand up for this free country, we will lose our freedoms.

Violence, dishonesty, adultery, sexual assault, oppression, slavery, should be pointed out in every corner of this country. When we shine the light on the truth and on what is really going on, we can make room for leaders who actually care and who are smart and honorable.

Right now one thing should be clear to everyone who is upset about what is going on, is that we all have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess we allowed this beautiful country to become.  As Patrick Henry said:  United we stand and divided we fall.  He also said:  “Give me liberty or give me death.”

The idea that we have to be silent about abuse, disgusting behavior, and oppression, greed, public theft, excesses, and sexual assault, assault on our water, earth, and air, about anything that is just plainly wrong, has been shaped by those who want to silence us so they can take advantage of us and take our rights away.

The US is the first free country and we should shout that from the mountain tops and across the sea.  United we stand and divided we fall.  By urging us to pick sides they want to distract from what is wrong on each sides.  Let’s pick truth, honor, justice and liberty for all.  We the people have a right to pursue happiness and right now we are not happy at all.