Introduction to the UC Jazz Club

The UC Jazz Club was founded by the students of UC Jazz Ensembles and its faculty. Our goal is to share our fine tradition of Jazz with our members and the community at large. UC Jazz Ensembles have been teaching students since 1966. We hope our members will enjoy our monthly newsletter, our performances and most importantly we hope you will support our effort to expand our popular program. We invite donors and volunteers to contineue to support our growing program and to join us now. The UC Jazz Club offers several unique sponsorship opportunities which will support us in our goal to remodel the UC Jazz studios. With your support we will also maintain and grow our current resources in the studios. This includes the purchase and maintenance of our equipment, expanding and renovating our practice areas, adding to our jazz library and ultimately making recordings of live performances of our big band and ensembles. Our goal is to uphold the UC Jazz tradition which has enchanted the world. We have taught students how to carry on this wonderful musical tradition with great success. Jazz has become mainstream and is becoming increasingly popular. Please contact Ted Moore, director of UC Jazz Ensembles to learn about the program. You may also contact RioVida Networks for assistance to set up interviews with the faculty, students and fund-raising committee.

Meet the UC Jazz Team

Ted Moore – Director of the UC Jazz Ensembles

Robert Cole – Cal Performances

Doug Warrick– Cal Performances

Brad Brennan– Student Musical Activities

Carol Suveda – Student Musical Activities

Amy Shen – UC Jazz Ensembles Advisor

Scott Hayes – Alumni

Ranie Smith – Writer/Executive Editor

Ralph Baker – Executive Editor

Rodney Brooks – VP Marketing

Jim Dennis – Photography?

Justin Nakamura – Public Relations

Rolando Morales – Musical Performer

Kevin Lynch – Technical Director

Edie Okamoto – Writer/Producer

Amy Shen – UC Jazz Ensembles Advisor