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Getting your interview set up with George Y. Pearson

Call George Y Pearson at 510-750-9889 to check if your story is a good fit for our programming. Dont be shy - this is a community effort.

You can also send him an email at:

If you have a story or comment that you want to share with the community please send your press release or story idea to eokamoto @ please be sure to put the word "educationisthebestmedicine" into the email title box. We receive about 2,500 emails per day and want to make sure you get the appropriate attention.

for corrections or suggestions please call 510-336-2636. When leaving a message please leave your name and phone number. Please indicate in your message that you are calling regarding Education is the Best Medicine.

If you wish to join the Education is the Best Medicine volunteer team please call George Y Pearson at 510-750-9889.






Frequently Asked Questions:

The first time you play the videos it may take a little time to get started. Just go and make yourself a cup to tea or read some of the article in a separate window.

1. How can I get the video to play?

You will need to have the ability to watch videos on your computer. You can download it for free by visiting this link:

2. My video is still not working.

You may have to check your internet option settings. On your browser go to Tools then click on Internet Options then click on Advanced on Java Sun click on the box - this will make your computer Java enabled. Then keep srcolling to multi-media check all the boxes to get your machine multi-media enabled. Close and restart your computer. Don't mess with the rest of the setting so you will not create problems.

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